How to update Aadhaar Card offline?

The unique identification card, Aadhaar Card, is issued by India's Government for its residents. The unique Aadhaar Number, a 12-digit number, is based on the individual’s specific biometric and demographic data.

The Aadhaar Card acts as a vital document of identity. Moreover, it's mandatory to link this card to bank accounts, mobile numbers, ATMs, and various other services. For this reason, it's a must to maintain the details in the Aadhaar database and make sure they're accurate. Updating or rectifying the Aadhaar Card demographic details with ease, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has invented online and offline methods. While updating Aadhaar, one can correct errors like name, date of birth, email id, mobile number, address, gender, etc.

To update the Aadhaar Card offline, the following are the steps: 

Step 1: Locate the nearest Aadhaar Enrolment Centre online using UIDAI’s website.

Step 2: Visit the Enrolment Centre, where you can get both demographics (name, address etc.) and biometrics (iris, fingerprints etc.) updated.

Step 3: The update process at the centre will require original documents, which will be scanned and given back to you.

Step 4: The update process through an Enrolment Centre will require the applicant to pay a fee of Rs. 50, for every change.

Another method to update the Aadhar details offline is by sending your request through the post to UIDAI. Following are the steps for this process:

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