How to enrol for Aadhaar/ Baal Aadhar for children?

The UIDAI has launched an Aadhaar Card especially for kids, known as Baal Aadhaar Card. A child below 5 years of age gets a blue-coloured Baal Aadhaar. No biometrics of the child will be taken while issuing Baal Aadhaar. Since the UIDAI won't capture any biometric details of the child during the time of issuing Baal Aadhaa, the demographic details of any one parent will be taken from the parents Aadhaar card. Similar to the adult's Aadhaar, the Baal Aadhaar also has 12 digit unique identification number and it also needs to be updated with the child's biometric details once they turn 5 years. The final biometric data will be collected when the child turns 15 years. 

The parents can apply for Baal Aadhar by following these simple steps: 

STEP 1: Visit the nearest Aadhaar Enrolment Centre.

STEP 2: Fill the Enrolment Form.

STEP 3: Baal Aadhar will be linked to the parents Aadhaar. Therefore, one of the parents must provide their Aadhaar Card details.

STEP 4: Child’s birth certificate is also required with the enrolment form.

STEP 5: A photograph of the child/ minor will be taken. But no biometrics will be taken if the child is below 5 years.

STEP 6: After the process is complete, an acknowledgement slip is handed over which contains a 14-digit enrolment number and time and date of enrolment.


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