Compound Interest Calculator 2024

Compound Interest is money you can earn when you invest the principal over a period of time. It adds interest to the interest earned on the principal amount. 

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About Fintra's Compound Interest Calculator 

Compounding interest occurs when your earnings exponentially grow as you gain interest on your total investments, principal amount and interest, as time passes by. The power of compounding possibilities is endless because the investment generates the ability to earn. Moreover, compound interest only further enhances the earnings as time passes and enables your investment to grow manifold.

Thus, to ensure you are receiving the right ROI, you will require a reliable compound interest calculator. Fintra offers a top-of-the-line free compound interest calculator to assist you in determining your investments’ growth. Moreover, with the help of this calculator, based on your returns, you can choose to either reinvest a certain amount or decide to flow in new capital.


How to use Fintra's Compound Interest Calculator?

To obtain accurate results you need to provide the following data:

  1. Investment Amount 
  2. Annual Interest Rate
  3. Time Period (Years)

When all data has been filled into the Fintra's Compound Interest Calculator click on “Submit”, and instantly results will be displayed. 

The formulas are:

Amount= P*(1+r/100)^t where P is principal, r is the rate of interest and t is investment tenure.

Compound Interest = Amount - Principal


Advantages of using Fintra's Compound Interest Calculator

Fintra provides a free and accurate compound interest calculator. Fintra is ideal for daily use thanks to –

  • The ease of use.
  • Its reliability and accuracy.
  • Its data security.

Besides the compound interest calculator, you'll find and be able to use a wide range of other calculators. Fintra's calculators are designed to be benchmarked against the best in the business and be ideal for everyday use.



FAQs of Compound Interest 


How can a compound interest calculator be helpful?

It's the nature of compound interest that makes it lucrative for various businesses. Using a compound interest calculator online, the benefits you can avail are:

  • It will help determining the accurate figure and percentage of returns over a certain time frame.
  • A reliable compound interest calculator in India will help in identifying how much investment you might have to do over a time frame. Then the required corpus of funds can be arranged with convenience.
  • Fintra offers a customizable compound interest rate calculator that will assist you to assign values based on the requirements.
  • Compound interest calculator enables you to calculate the total returns and yearly returns. 


What's the difference between compound interest and simple interest?

Compound interest includes both the interest on the principal balance along with the interest of the previously earned interest. On the other hand, simple interest refers solely to the interest earned on the principal balance, and the interest earned on interest is not taken into account. 

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