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Total Return Calculator helps compute total return on your savings/investment. For example, if you have invested Rs 100 and it has grown to Rs 150 in 2 years, your total return will be Rs 50.

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About Fintra's Total Return Calculator 

When you've done investments, it is vital to understand the financial market and stock prices. One should know how the prices fluctuate and earn or lose money. For this reason, you should know how to calculate total return rate of your investments. The total return formula may seem complicated at first, but once you master it and use Fintra's Total Return Calculator, it will display the value of your returns accurately.


How to use Fintra's Total Return Calculator 

To obtain accurate results you need to provide the following data:

  1. Amount Invested– This refers to the amount deposited in the account
  2. Amount at Maturity
  3. Time Period

When all data has been filled into the Total Return Calculator, click on “Submit”, and instantly results will be displayed.

Mathematically the formula is:

Total Return = Final Amount – Initial Amount

Total Return % = 100*(Total Return/ Initial Amount)

FAQs About Total Return

Why it's important to know how to calculate total return?

It is vital to know how to calculate the total return of your investments because then you'll know how their value changes in a given time frame. The total return gets evaluated for an investment over a year, five, ten years or any amount of time you choose. Speaking about taxes, to determine if it has increased in value, the total return gets evaluated for the previous year. If it has increased in its value, then you might have to pay capital gains taxes if you've sold any of your shares/assets. Moreover, if you were paid dividends on your stocks, then you might have to pay taxes on those dividends. 

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