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This calculator computes the time period needed to double your investment assuming a certain growth in %.

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About Fintra's Double Investment Calculator 

Double Investment Calculator uses the Rule of 72 to determine the time in years it will take to double your investment. For using Fintra's Double Investment Calculator, simply enter the Investment Amount and Annual Expected Return.

In short, Rule 72 states if you desire to find the number of years required to double your investment at any given interest rate, you have to just divide the interest rate into 72. 


How to use Fintra's Double Investment Calculator?

To obtain accurate results you need to provide the following data:

  1. Investment Amount– This refers to the amount deposited in the account
  2. Annual Expected Return

When all data has been filled into the Double Investment Calculator, click on “Submit”, and instantly results will be displayed. 

Mathematically the formula is:

T= Log (2)/Log(1+r/100) where r is the interest rate and t is time duration. 


FAQs about Double Investment 

How to double your investment?

It takes a lot of efforts and sound knowledge to effectively do financial planning which enables you to attain your goals. Once you know about doubling your investments, you can then think about how to double your investments in a short time? 

There are various factors involved in doubling your money- it includes various investment options and products that must be examined carefully before you invest. Eventually, the final step is to determine the time period with the help of the Rule of 72 calculator.

What are the benefits of using Fintra's Double Investment Calculator?

Fintra's Double Investment Calculator enables you to obtain the exact time until your investment doubles through various investment options. The benefits of using our calculator are:

  • You get to know approximately the exact time of your doubled investment 
  • You are in a better position to plan finances for multiple goals via the priority model
  • There is a reduction in the financial load of paying a huge chunk
  • Small chunks of funds make it simple to save
  • It is easier to know the required rate of interest to double your money so you can invest accordingly
  • Our calculator is easy and user-friendly

How to select the interest rate?

Interest rates are selected based on the returns on your current investment products. 

Can you invest as an individual directly?

You can invest as an individual directly but it is advisable to seek a professional advisor before investing.

You are new to the field of investments and pondering how to do its planning?

Since you're a beginner it is strongly advised to first study the various investment options and their tools to gain better knowledge. You can also seek professional help and follow their guidance.

What are the different options available to double your money/investment?

The various investment products that can double your money/investments are mutual funds, shares, bonds, derivatives, FD, RD, PPF, and many more. Select any options based on your risk-taking ability. In the long run, mutual funds do provide you with maximum returns.

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