Fixed Deposit (FD) Calculator

Fixed Deposit calculator gives a rough estimate of future savings based upon your initial investment, bank’s interest rate, and time horizon of investment. It uses the power of compounding to grow your savings.

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About Fintra Fixed Deposit Calculator

A fixed deposit is a financial tool offered by various financial institutions in India. It is regarded as one of the safest investment options, which provide high returns with flexible tenure options.

Fixed Deposit (FD), known as a term deposit in the banking jargon, is the safe investment method to gain the right balance in your financial portfolio. With Fintra's Fixed Deposit Calculator, determine the right balance in terms of how much to invest and for how long.

What is a Fixed Deposit Calculator ?

To obtain the estimate of the maturity amount you as an investor should expect to receive at the end of your chosen tenure for a specified deposit amount at the applicable rate of interest, Fintra has designed the Fixed deposit calculator.

It will enable you to calculate how much interest you will earn on a fixed deposit. Input the deposit amount, FD interest rate, and tenure of the fixed deposit (in years/months) to calculate the maturity amount. The amount you get at the end of the FD tenure is knowns as the maturity amount. The maturity amount consists of the total interest earned on the principal (deposit amount).

How to Use Fintra's Fixed Deposit Calculator?

  1. First, insert the deposit amount (Fixed Deposit Amount) in the first field
  2. Then, insert the annual interest rate (Rate of Interest) in the next field 
  3. Next, insert the time period you desire FD to be active
  4. Finally, click on the “Submit” button. The estimated total maturity amount results will appear beside the FD Calculator

Please Note: You can enter FD duration in months or years. 

Why should you use an Fixed Deposit calculator?

You must use the FD calculator because like any other financial decision that you make, investing in FDs also involves tackling your budget and making it work in harmony with your financial goals.

FD aim is to minimize financial risks and guaranteeing returns. For example, while investing in the share market like equity mutual funds, there is a considerable risk, however. While making an FD investment, it helps to absorb the losses up to a certain limit. Hence, it's a wise thing to know how much amount to invest in your FD account. With Fintra's FD Calculator this task is easily done.

Benefits of Fintra's Fixed Deposit Calculator 

Prime advantages of using Fintra's FD Calculator are:

  1. Since the calculator is automatic, there's no scope for errors
  2. It saves time and effort by reducing the cumbersome calculations at multiple tenures, amounts, and rates 
  3. It's free and can be used multiple times and compare returns for varying combinations of FD rates, tenure, and amount

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