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Fintra's Retirement Planning Calculator computes the Total Retirement corpus, monthly pension available at retirement and monthly savings needed to reach your retirement goal using the basics of compounding.

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About Fintra Pension Planner - Retirement Planning Calculator India

When you are planning for the retirement phase of your life, it involves a mixture of personal and financial planning. Speaking about personal planning, this determines one's satisfaction during its retired life. On the other hand, financial planning assists in budgeting income and expenses based on one's plan.

Fintra's Retirement Planning Calculator uses the rules of compound interest for determining the total corpus the individual will be able to accumulate as per the investments made post-maturity. The unique calculator is at par with the rest of the best calculators in the business. 


How to use Fintra Pension Planner - Retirement Planning Calculator India?

Fintra Pension Planner Calculator has been designed to assist every individual to calculate the corpus they'll need to accumulate by the time they retire and how much funds is needed to be saved every month to secure themselves financially.

The calculator will require you to answer a few questions to calculate and plan your retirement accurately. To obtain accurate results you need to provide the following data:

  1. Current Monthly Expense
  2. Time for retirement (years)

 When all data has been filled into the Pension Planner Calculator, click on “Submit”, and instantly results will be displayed. 


  • What are the advantages of Fintra's Pension Planning (Retirement Planning) Calculator?
    Like most reliable online pension planning and retirement planning calculators, Fintra's calculator is a special financial tool designed to assist you to determine the precise sums required to save every month. It aids in long-term investment planning as well.
    Some other advantages are: 
     *It's reliable and easy to use.
     *It uses a standardized formula determining the corpus required for a tranquil retirement
     *One-click solution.
  •  If you are working in a privately owned company, should you have a private retirement plan?
    The answer is yes. Every individual who is planning to secure its future and have a peace of mind after retiring from active service must have a private retirement plan.

  • What is the ideal amount you need to save for your future?
    In India, wholesale and retail inflation rates are rising and interest rates are falling. Therefore, its wise decision to begin saving soon for your retirement. Fintra's financial experts conclude that a corpus of around Rs. 1 Crore more or less is sufficient. However, to accumulate so much takes years and for this reason, it's advised to invest wisely.

  • What are some of the most recommended investment tools?
    Following are a few suggested investment options that ensure maximum returns:
  • Mutual Funds
  • National Pension System
  • Atal Pension Yojana
  • Public Provident Fund
  • Provident Fund
  • The Stock Market



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