The 9 vital factors of Health Insurance Plans to look upon before purchasing one in 2024

Posted by  Fintra , updated 2023-12-06

The 9 vital factors of Health Insurance Plans to look upon before purchasing one in 2024

Desiring to get Health Insurance for you or your loved ones? In this blog, Fintra highlights some vital factors before finalizing one.

With the rising health-related costs and unfavourable environmental conditions, it has become a necessity to opt for Health Insurance. Although at first finalizing a Healthcare plan can appear to be a hectic task, Fintra will present some vital factors to look upon, and they will assist in deciding which Health Insurance Policy to opt for.

Purchasing a good Healthcare plan is very crucial. Nowadays, new diseases are popping up just as popcorn in a machine- unhealthy conditions are arising due to the changes in lifestyles and the environment we're living in. How can one forget the year 2020 that turned out to be “A Global Pandemic”. There is no assurance about health and any new health conditions that might arise in the near future. Hence, opting for a good Health Insurance Policy is a necessity in 2024.   

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Selecting the best Healthcare Plan is an intense task. Therefore, take a glance at the following vital factors affecting a good Health Insurance Policy before opting for one:

                                                        Age Factor


                Premium of person aged twenty

                 As we can see that for a person aged 20, the premium is calculated at Rs. 5,197/- per annum.

       Premium of person aged thirty

         As we can see that for a person aged 30, the premium increases to Rs. 6,371/- per annum for the same plan.

        Premium of person aged forty-five

Now we can see that for a person aged 45, the premium further increases to Rs. 8,451/-per annum for the same plan.

          Premium of person aged sixty

For a person aged 60, the premium is increased to Rs. 19,522/- per annum. This is a very huge increase just because of the high age of the person.









Summary of this blog:

Before purchasing a Health Insurance Plan, there are various factors and checkpoints to analyze. Do bear in mind the above-stated factors while choosing a health care plan. Never trust any broker or insurance agent blindly. Do your research well before finalizing one. If an insurance plan checks all the above-mentioned factors for you and is not too expensive nor too cheap, then go for that healthcare plan. Due to the constant rise in healthcare bills, treatment costs, and medical bills, it is highly recommended to get a good health insurance policy because we never know what the future holds for us and our health. The degrading lifestyle along with the air quality index falling low, it's suggested to boost your overall health by exercising regularly. By doing so, it will significantly improve your health condition and help in improving your BMI. Health Insurance Policy not only covers your healthcare requirements, but it also helps in saving some tax and provide tax benefits. Getting the perfect healthcare plan might look like a hectic task but is also a necessity. Hence, go through all the above-mentioned points and select the best healthcare plan for you and your family.