Types of Health Insurance

In India, there are various types of health insurance, one should know which to opt for. The types of health insurance are:

Indemnity Health Insurance Plans: 

This type of plan compensates the insured for the cost of medical expenses. In most cases, the insured has to submit the medical bills to the insurance company in order to get reimbursed. Many of these plans also have “Deductibles”,i.e., a fixed amount that the insured has to pay towards these medical expenses himself, with the rest of the bill being paid by the insurer up to the policy limit.

Types of Indemnity plans are:


Fixed Benefit Health Insurance Plans: 

This is a type of health insurance in which the insurer covers only some pre-determined diseases or conditions, and reimburses the cost of only such medical expenses to the policyholder.

Types of Fixed Benefit Plans are:

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