Types of Mobile Banking Services

Mobile banking creates a complete digitalized environment, and reduces the paperwork and shrivels the waiting time of standing in long queues. The various ways banks provide mobile banking facilities to their clients are:


  1. 1. Mobile Banking over mobile applications such as smartphones; e.g. SBI Yono and iMobile by ICICI Bank, etc.:

Mobile banking is beneficial in the following ways:

A. Access to Bank Account Information

Knowing your exact account balance is vital because it enables you to manage your funds efficiently. By using mobile banking facilities you can check the following:

B. Other Services 

Besides using mobile banking for checking account summary, making bill payments, fund transfers and investments, the other services you can use to ease your life or find solutions include:

Locating ATMs and bank branches

Lodging complaint/ tracking applications

Ordering new cheque books

Cancelling/stopping an issued cheque


  1. Mobile Banking over SMS also called as SMS Banking:

Most banks in India provide mobile banking services over SMS, also called as SMS Banking. This service is for those who do not possess smartphones and/or internet connection. To activate and avail SMS Banking, the user has to register their mobile number with their bank.

The Facilities Offered by SMS Banking are: 

All the above services are done by push/pull messages. Push messages are when the bank initiates a communication, such as reminding about payment or notification of a withdrawal. For example, the One-Time Password (OTP) is a type of push message which falls within the periphery of mobile banking. On the other hand, pull messages are messages initiated by the customer, and these can be for enquiring account balance and for cancelling an issued cheque, etc.


  1. Mobile Banking over USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data):

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a type of communication used to perform basic banking services. For this type of service, a smartphone or an internet connection isn't required. This service allows the user to do a balance enquiry and fund transfers.

99# is a USSD based mobile banking service, and it's launched by NPCI that is supported by 51 leading banks in India. The services offered by 99# USSD payment option are:

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