Mobile Banking over Apps

These apps are mainly available on Android and IOS. To gain access, they need to register on this app and enter their internet banking login credentials to use mobile banking. Some of the features of these are:

Balance Enquiry: Using the app, the customer can enquire about its account balance in just a minute. It saves the time of going to the ATM or Bank Branch.

Funds Transfer: The customer can now safely transfer funds from their Bank account to other Bank account of any other bank in just a few clicks.

Bill Pay: You can pay utility bills such as electricity, gas, credit cards, etc using the app.

Access to Bank Account Information: Knowing your exact account balance is vital because it enables you to manage your funds efficiently. By using mobile banking facilities you can check the following:

• View account balance (balance enquiry)

• Transaction history

• e-statement of account

• Loan statements

• Card statements

• e-Passbooks

• Investments: Opening fixed deposit/recurring deposits, Mutual fund investments, and Portfolio management services (e.g. SBI Capital Securities)

Other Services: The other services you can use to ease your life or find solutions through mobile banking over apps include:

  1. Locating ATMs and bank branches
  2. Lodging complaint/ tracking applications
  3. Ordering new cheque books
  4. Cancelling/stopping an issued cheque

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