Is Debit Card safe?

Debit cards are indeed very safe as they come with PIN and microchip. Banks are investing a lot to make Mobile/Debit Cards/Credit Cards safe way to transact:

Although debit cards are a safer method of making purchases, there are few rules to abide to keep the Debit Card Safe:

  1. Check your bank statements often 
  2. Protect your PIN by not giving it to anyone 
  3. Avoid online debit card usage, instead use credit cards because a fraudulent related to the transaction made by credit cards takes a longer time to process, and it can be a transaction of dispute. When using a debit card, cash is removed instantly from your checking account, thus, you are then stuck with a fraudulent. 
  4. Only use ATMs at a bank 
  5. Avoid doing financial transactions using public wireless access
  6. If there's any problem or unauthorised transaction report immediately 
  7. If required and the issue is very grave, do make a police complaint  
  8. Create a security profile for yourself 

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