How to set up for an Online Banking Account?

Online banking is the most convenient and efficient way of managing your bank accounts, making transactions, transferring funds, and making bill payments online. You can access your bank accounts anytime and anywhere with the help of the new apps designed by banks.

Once you've verified your identity through the KYC method by providing all your personal information with the bank you desire to have an online account with, and selected the account type you wish to have, you'll receive a kit with all your bank account details and passwords.

All the newly opened bank account come with an online kit with the username and password. If you already have an account, please contact your nearest bank branch to get these details. Online Banking requires a computer or mobile with an active internet connection. Register with the given username and password provided by the bank. Upon registration, you will be asked to set a new password. Set the password and you are all ready to use Online Banking. Do not share your banking username/password with anyone. 




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