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Find out how long do you have to wait to go on your Dream Vacation! Enter your Dream Holiday budget, maximum monthly savings for that, current savings and expected rate of return on your investments. This calculator will tell you the time required to go on your dream holiday. 

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About Fintra's Dream Vacation Calculator

A vacation does unwind, relax, and allows you to spend quality time with your family. Moreover, taking a vacation gives the thrills of exploring new places. If you are desiring to take your dream vacation, you will have to plan it in advance. This is so because dream vacation involves money and at the spur of the moment you may not be in a good position to take it, it features as your future goal. Therefore, Fintra advice to regularly set aside money so that you can create the desired corpus for taking that vacation. Use Fintra's Dream Vacation Calculator to make your dreams come alive!


How to use Fintra's Dream Vacation Calculator?

After how many years from now, do you plan to go on your Dream Vacation? Use Fintra’s easy-to-use Dream Vacation Calculator, which helps you to plan better and invest accordingly to strategise for your dream vacation. 

Enter the following credentials:  

- Dream Vacation’s Price

- Maximum Monthly Savings/Investments

- Current Savings for your Dream Vacation (₹)

- Expected Annual Rate of Return (%) 

Hit ‘Submit’ button, and Fintra’s hassle-free Dream Vacation Calculator will calculate the investment required to purchase your dream vacation package!


FAQs about Dream Vacation 


Why taking a personal vacation loan is an attractive option?

  • The process of personal loan expenditure is very quick. Therefore for travel plans opting for a personal loan can save a lot of time and related worries.
  • It’s easy to budget, and right from the start, you are aware of what amount is required to be paid back as EMIs, and what is the tenure of the loan.
  • This is an unsecured, collateral-free loan, you don’t have to put any of your assets on the line to get the funds.


What are some do’s and don’ts while opting for such a loan?

  • It is a wise act to first set up a limit on funds you think would be enough for covering the vacation's expenses, this will reduce the chances of overspending. You must also create a 10% margin on these funds for emergency expenses as the loan approval and disbursal will be done only once.
  • Keep in mind to borrow as per your repayment capacity. For example, when you spend beyond your means during the vacation, you will end up stretching the monthly budget. Doing such will increase the chances of defaulting at the time of repayment.
  • Try keeping your repayment tenure as short as possible, while balancing it with the monthly budget. The longer-term will have higher interest payouts. 
  • Before signing up, check the repayment schedule because some banks/financial institutions set a minimum number of EMI payments which need to be made before you make a prepayment. 


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