How to access Stand Up India Scheme?

Stand Up India scheme is a loan scheme providing loans from Rs. 10 Lakh to Rs. 1 Crore to the scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, or a woman. The loans can be obtained from banks for setting up a new project or business. The scheme is backed by the Department of Financial Service (DFS), Ministry of Finance, Government of India. Stand  Up India scheme intends to promote entrepreneurship among women and scheduled caste and tribes. 

There are primarily three ways to access the Stand Up India scheme:

  1. Directly at a Bank Branch (
  2. By logging on to the SIDBI Stand- Up India Portal (
  3. By reaching out to the Lead District Manager (

Do note to approach Stand Up India portal, before the handholding, there will be serval relevant questions to be answered at the initial stage. These could mostly be as follows:

  1. Borrower’s location 
  2. Category- ST/SC/Woman
  3. Nature of the business planned
  4. Availability of the place where the business will operate 
  5. Assistance required for preparing a project plan
  6. Requirement of training/skills (technical and financial)
  7. Present bank account details 
  8. Amount of own funds that will be invested in the project 
  9. Whether any assistance is required to raise margin money 
  10. Any experience from the past in doing business  

Based on the individual’s responses to the above questions, the portal will provide relevant feedback and will categorise the individual to the portal as a ready borrower or trainee borrower.

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