Claim Settlement Process in life insurance

The claim settlement process for life insurance is simple. When the insured passes away, the nominee of the deceased has to claim in the following way:

  1. Inform the insurer about the event as soon as it has occurred with the vital details such as place, time, and reason of the death.
  2. Submit the required documents along with proof to the insurance firm. The documents and proofs will include the death certificate of the insured and the claim form obtained by the insurance firm.
  3. Bear in mind that if the policy was assigned, the assignee will have to show the documents. However, if someone else other than nominee or assignee is filling the claim, then the individual has to submit legal proofs that he/she is in relation with the insured.
  4. At times, hospital, post-mortem and attending doctor's reports will also be asked to be submitted. 
  5. If police inquiries are being conducted then an investigation or survey reports will also have to be submitted.
  6. After the investigation is completed, the insurance firm will approve or disapprove the claim and the final decision will be shared with the claimant.

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