Post Office Time Deposit Calculator for 2024

Post Office Time Deposit calculator calculates future savings based upon your deposit amount, post office’s interest rate, and time horizon of investment.  

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About Fintra's Post Office Time Deposit Calculator

Post Office TD is similar to Post Office Fixed Deposit (POFD). It is one of the oldest and preferred investment forms offered by the Indian Postal Services. Post Office TDs are backed by the Government of India and for this reason they're safe. On this page, Fintra provides Post Office Time Deposit Calculator to calculate the maturity amount and interest rate.


How to use Fintra's Post Office Time Deposit Calculator

Post Office TD allows investments for a varied amount of times, such as 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, and 5 years. In easy to use Post Office Time Deposit Calculator we have provided the easy method for doing the calculation for the latest interest rates.

Using our Post Office Time Deposit Calculator is easy and simple. You have to input the Amount Invested and the time period of the investment. Hit the 'Submit' button and results will appear beside the calculator. 



FAQs about Post Office Time Deposit 

What is Post Office Time Deposit?

Post Office Time Deposit, commonly known as Post Office Fixed Deposit, is a fixed deposit scheme that is similar to bank FD. You can invest a certain amount for a fixed period at a fixed rate of interest. The return from POFD is guaranteed and backed by the government of India. 

How much amount can be deposited in the post office?

Though there is no cap on how much of funds can be deposited in a POFD, however. The minimum amount is INR 200, and the investments have to be in multiples of INR 200.

 Does the post office deduct TDS on FD?

Yes, there is a 10% TDS deduction on the interest earned above INR 40,000 if you've submitted your PAN details. If PAN details are not submitted then 20% TDS is deducted.

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