Top 10 Reward Credit Cards in India in 2021

Posted by  Fintra Editor , December 10, 2020

Top 10 Reward Credit Cards in India in 2021

Credits cards, as we all know are a convenient way by which we can buy products and services as simple as gas or groceries to complex products such as Travel packages or even jewelry. 

There is an assortment of plans accessible with different credit card types, one of which is rewards credit cards.

 Benefits of Reward Credit Cards-

  1. Procuring rewards or even Mile points.
  2. Some of these serve as fraud alerts to ensure the safety and security of the user’s hard-earned money and personal information. They are not linked to any saving or current account, hence added security is ensured.
  3. No fees for foreign transactions.

Here's a list of 10 Reward Credit Card for the year 2021:

  1. HDFC Diners Club Rewardz Credit Card


Unlike many of the other credit cards available, this is the credit card that rewards you for every payment made. By spending through this credit card, you get reward points. You can redeem those reward points for vouchers like travel, entertainment, retail, and many more. 

  1. BOB Financial Premire


Using this credit card, you can get 1 reward point on each spending of Rs. 100 on any category. And later you can redeem those reward points for certain gift vouchers or cashback. 

  1. Axis Bank Pride Platinum Credit Card


This is a very unique credit card as it comes with a shade of the Tricolor on the card itself. It is mainly dedicated to the Army personnel serving the Army, Air Force, and the Navy. One can card eDGE points and redeem afterward for dining, shopping, or travel expenses. 

  1. HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card     


One of the main highlights of this credit card is unlimited access to all the airport lounges across the globe. You can also avail yourself of 6 complimentary Golf games per quarter in a year globally in the best golf courses.

  1. American Express Platinum Card


American Express is a well-known issuer of premium credit cards and their services. This credit card, unlike other cards, is made up of steel and provides a luxury vibe. This credit card offers many luxury vouchers and rewards that make up for the fee charged. 

  1. BOB Financial Easy Credit Card


This credit card provides up to 5 reward points for every Rs. 100/- spent. Insurance coverage of Rs. 15 lakh is also offered and get up to 50 days of the interest-free period.

  1. First Citizen Citi Credit Card


If you’ve got this card firstly, the welcome vouchers are offered worth Rs. 2050. And they can be redeemed at Shoppers Stop or Home Stop. For every Rs. 100/- spent in Shoppers Stop for private label brands, you earn 7 first citizen points. And a discount of 15% is also offered on all the dining bills. 

  1. Axis Bank Select Credit Card


Complimentary access to Club Marriot Membership is offered on the spending of Rs. 30,000/- or more within 3 months of issue of the card. 20% off on food and drinks bill up to 10 guests is also offered.

  1. Citi Premire Miles Credit Card


This card is best suited for people who love to fly to different destinations often. Just because of the rewards one gets by increasing the “AIR MILES” through using this credit card. The annual fee charged for this card is Rs. 3,000 only. The minimum income required for owning this credit card is just Rs. 25,000 p.m.

  1. SBI Card Elite


With an annual maintenance fee of a whopping Rs. 4,999, this credit card comes with many benefits related to Travelling and Movies. The minimum income required to own this credit card is Rs. 60,000 p.m. you can earn additionally up to 50,000 bonus reward points that are worth Rs. 12,500/- per year. 


You can choose any credit card which suits your expenditure style and which is not too expensive to maintain. Owning a credit card might seem a fun experience, but one should always keep an eye on their expenditure. Many of these credit cards come with hidden charges, so beware of these charges and always read the terms and conditions thoroughly before signing any documents. Refrain from any late payments of the credit card to ensure that no late fee is charged. Stay safe.