Top 10 Business Credit Cards in India in 2024

Posted by  Fintra , updated 2023-12-06

Top 10 Business Credit Cards in India in 2024

Commencing and running a business takes in a lot of effort and hassle. However, in today's modern world, entrepreneurs can partially, if not completely, make their business run easier by using one of the many good credit cards available in India. Most of these cards have specifically been crafted for business and corporate purposes and keep an eye on the spending statistics and graphs.

Business credit cards assist businesses and corporates to streamline the expenses and avail various business-specific benefits. In today's market, various banks offer business credit cards that come with multiple advantages. Following is a list of the Top 10 Business Credit Cards in India for the year 2021. Choose any one of them and enjoy the benefits and perks of using these credit cards.

Here's a list of Top 10 Business Credit Cards for the year 2024:

  1. HDFC Infinia Credit Card


HDFC Infinia Credit Card is believed to be one of the best super-premium cards available in India. Speaking about the benefits offered on this card, it’s the top-ranking credit card among the rest of the cards offered by HDFC Bank. 

Following are some of the highlights of HDFC Infinia Credit Card:

  1. HDFC Diners Club Black


HDFC Diners Club Black is similar to HDFC Infinia, they both are termed as super-premium credit cards from HDFC Bank. HDFC Diners Club Black features a fabulous reward rate, unlimited airport lounge access, 24x7 concierge, golf privileges, and insurance cover. For example, you can earn reward points in various ways such as earn five reward points per Rs. 150 spent on retail, 10X points on selected partner brands, and 2X reward points on weekend dining. You can redeem rewards for air miles and travel vouchers on HDFC SmartBuy. Moreover, the cardholder can avail six complimentary golf games per quarter at the finest golf courses globally. 

Following are some of the highlights of HDFC Diners Club Black:

  1. Kotak Corporate Gold Credit Card


The Kotak Corporate Gold Credit Card, a globally accepted credit card, has especially been designed for Corporates. It assists Corporates by providing unique kind services such as expense management, consolidated statements and payments, enabling more savings, and providing higher reward points. The Corporate Gold Credit Card is unique due to various factors such as there's an absence of additional charges, it's easy to use, and has a provision obtaining tailor-made benefits and privileges as per your requirements. You can use this credit card for business-related expenses such as Exhibitions & Conferences Business & Executive meetings, Sales Meet, association meetings, receptions and reunions, etc. By just contacting Kotak's customer service desk,  you can redeem reward points instantly. Moreover, the option of quarterly redemption of reward points is also available. This credit card will help to reduce company costs and attain cost-efficiency.

Following are some of the highlights of Kotak Corporate Gold Credit Card:

  1. AMEX Platinum Travel Credit Card


Business often requires you to travel to various destinations internationally and/or domestically. Thus, the American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card will be an apt option to opt for if you're a high spending individual seeking excellent travel promotions. The credit card provides travel vouchers along with Taj Hotel promotions, which definitely will attract frequent travellers and those who are loyal to the Taj Group of Hotels. To pamper the cardholder, as a perk, it will receive one complimentary domestic lounge visit per quarter. On general spendings, the cardholder can also earn an above-average rewards rate of 0.88% (1 point per Rs. 50 spent; 1 point = ~Rs. 0.44). Cardholders have the option to redeem rewards in travel vouchers, cash, or InterMiles at varying rates of redemption that provides versatility while redeeming rewards. For business people who're interested in travel vouchers and staying at Taj Hotels, the American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card will be a good asset.

Following are some of the highlights of the American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card:

  1. SBI Signature Corporate Credit Card


The SBI Signature Corporate Credit Card the most sought-after cards that offer a wide range of benefits. Most of the corporate houses opt for Signature Corporate Credit Card because of its unique facilities which will be beneficial for corporate cardholders. The credit card comes with features and privileges like a concierge service, Priority Pass Membership, air accidental death cover and travel insurance, and various other special services. For example, since this is a PIN and Chip-enabled card, it has high-security levels in usage. Thus, whenever a transaction happens a chip and PIN are required for verification. This facility protects the card by keeping it secured from frauds. SBI Signature Corporate Card also provides a detailed spend analysis and smart expense management for all corporate employees. In short, the SBI Signature Corporate Card is a unique credit card for those who frequently travel for business purposes and also for those who desire to keep track of their expenses.

Following are some of the highlights of the SBI Signature Corporate Credit Card

  1. CitiBank Corporate Credit Card


Citibank has designed the Corporate Credit Card exclusively for corporate and its employees. It provides benefits and privileges for corporate employees. CitiBank Corporate Credit Card comes with various corporate benefits and perks. The minimum income required to get this card is Rs. 25,000 per month. And the cardholder could be Indian or Non-Indian too. One positive advantage of using this credit card is you'll get a fuel surcharge waiver, 1% fuel surcharge waiver at Indian Oil fuel stations across India.

Following are some of the highlights of the CitiBank Corporate Credit Card:

  1. Axis Miles and More Credit Card


Axis Miles & More Credit Card provides dual benefits with unlimited miles for your travels. The other benefits offered by this credit card include availing the membership of Miles & More Club, enabling automatic payments, and paying utility bills. With the EMV certified chip in Miles & More Credit Card, you'll get unique safety for all transactions. The more you spend using this card, you'll be eligible to obtain unlimited miles. Along with these benefits, Miles & More Credit Card also gives bonus miles on card activation and a complimentary priority pass. Miles & More Credit Card even covers mishaps through insurance on air accidents, baggage losses, lost card, or credit shield. Do note that miles redemption is only done via Miles & More. 

Following are some of the highlights of Axis Miles & More Credit Card: 

  1. ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card


The premium credit card, ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Card, is best suited for Domestic & International frequent travellers, be it for luxury or corporate business. Some of the card's premium features include Complimentary Dragon Pass Membership, Visa Lounge Access, and Golf privileges. This card comes in two network variants- Mastercard and American Express. 

Following are some of the highlights of ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Card:

To know more and apply for ICICI Credit Cards please click here

  1. Axis My Business Credit Card


With Axis Bank’s MY Business Credit Card, effectively manage your business expenses. MY Business Credit Card benefits are a business savings plan, attractive interest rates, fuel surcharge waivers, airport lounge access, and much more. With MY Business Credit Card, pay all the bills automatically through standing instructions, this facility enables to manage business utilities better. Moreover, this credit card provides the facility of converting major purchases, over Rs. 2,500 into EMIs for easy repayments.

Following are some of the highlights of Axis Bank’s MY Business Credit Card:

  1. Kotak Corporate Platinum Credit Card


With Corporate Platinum Credit Card, you can bank the way you live, privileged. This card enables you to earn high rewards points every time you transact and gain more out of your money. Cardholders can also avail fuel surcharge waiver and travel benefits. Kotak Corporate Platinum Credit Card has been designed to match the business's and corporate's day-to-day financial requirements. Moreover, possessing a corporate credit card will be beneficial for an organization as it'll help in streamlining their expenses and handling their budget better. In short, this credit card fits every person’s and businesses’ lifestyle and expenditure style. 

Following are some of the highlights of Kotak Corporate Platinum Credit Card:


Business credit cards have specifically been invented for business expenses and not for personal use. However, before opting for a credit card, one of the most vital points to note is to always apply for the cards directly from their official website. Avoid applying for them from online market places or telecaller, because they will then repeatedly call you to sell various other products. Moreover, all your vital financial information and documents aren't safe too with them. One must go through all the best available credit cards before applying for one. Good CIBIL can make the whole process of getting a card way much easier. With credit cards, come hidden charges and taxes. Always read all the terms and conditions before applying for one. It's always advised to spend wisely; don’t overspend because ultimately, it is you who'll have to pay for all the expenses. Stay safe and do not share credit card details or pin with anyone.