Explore the Savory of Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card with FintraGPT

Posted by  Fintra , updated 2024-05-09

Explore the Savory of Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card with FintraGPT

Hello there! Today, you will get to know about the world of credit cards. Don't worry!  It will be simple and easy to understand. Did you know that Swiggy has partnered with HDFC Bank to bring you a credit card that's as delightful as your favorite Swiggy order? It's called the Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card, and it's more than just a card - it's a culinary adventure! And who's here to help you navigate through it all? Meet FintraGPT, your friendly financial assistant!

Understanding the Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card

You must be pondering about the buzz on Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card. Don’t worry! Fintra is here to rescue you. Let's break it down without getting all tangled up in complex jargon.

  1. Feast on Rewards: With this card, every Rupee spent is like a sprinkle of seasoning on your favorite dish. Earn reward points for your Swiggy orders, dining out, and grocery shopping. These reward points can later be converted into exciting vouchers and discounts. It's like earning rewards for doing what you love – eating!
  2. Zero Annual Fee: Hold on to your hats – this card comes with no annual fee! You read that right – zero, zilch, nada. So, you can enjoy all the perks without worrying about extra costs. More money for your favorite cuisines, right?
  3. Tantalizing Welcome Offers: The Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card isn't just a card; it's a grand entrance into the world of awesome offers. Enjoy mouth-watering welcome benefits, including Swiggy vouchers and other cool surprises. It's like getting a VIP pass to the tastiest party in town!
  4. Delicious Discounts: Brace yourself for a buffet of discounts! This card spoils you with special discounts on Swiggy, partner restaurants, and select grocery stores. Your wallet will thank you, and your taste buds will do a happy dance!
  5. Easy EMI Options: Sometimes, we want the feast without breaking the bank, right? Well, this card understands that. Convert your big-ticket purchases into easy EMIs and savor the flavors of life without the financial stress.

Features and Eligibility of Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card

Let’s dive deep into the Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card and explore the salient features, eligibility, fees & charges, and the different modes of card activation of this very credit card to enjoy the golden side of your life.

Key Features

If you're someone who's always on the go, the Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card might just be your new best food buddy. With this card, you're not just swiping; you're unlocking a treasure chest of perks!

  1. 10% Cashback on Swiggy Application: It is applicable on Food Ordering, Instamart, Dineout & Genie.
  2. 5% Cashback on Online Spending: Valid across various online Merchant Category Codes (MCCs).
  3. 1% Cashback on Other Categories: Applicable to transactions outside specified categories.
  4. Complimentary Swiggy One Membership: Get a free Swiggy One Membership for three months upon card activation.
  5. Card Activation Guidelines (As per RBI): Activate your card by: 1. Making a transaction using the Credit Card. 2. Using the card via OTP or IVR. 3. Setting a PIN for the card. 4. Enable card controls like online and international transactions.


 Let's make sure you're eligible – it's a breeze.

  1. For Salaried Superstars: You're good to go if you're an Indian national. Age is just a number, right? Between 21 and 60 works for Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card. Speaking of your monthly income? Keep it above Rs. 25,000, and you're golden.
  2. For the Self-Employed Trailblazers: Possessing a nationality of India, your age should be between 21 and 65. Additionally, you have an annual income of over Rs. 6 Lakhs with your ITR, and you're all set.

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Fees of Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card

Let’s set up your Credit Card is a breeze. You can do it in a few ways:

  1. Membership Fee Details: Joining Fee / Renewal Membership Fee: Rs. 500/- + Applicable Charges.
  2. Fee Waiver Opportunity: Spend Rs. 2,00,000 or more in a year before your Credit Card renewal date. This simple move can waive your renewal fee.
  3. Exclusions for Fee Waiver Eligibility: Keep in mind, for spends of Rs. 2,00,000 and above, the following won't count: 1. Cash on Call. 2. Balance Transfer. 3. Cash Withdrawal.

How FintraGPT Can Be Your Culinary Companion?

Now, here comes the superhero of our story – FintraGPT! This AI-powered financial wizard can help you maximize your Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card.

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  1. Smart Spending Tips: Wondering how to make those reward points rain? FintraGPT can guide you on smart spending habits. From when to use your card to maximize your rewards, it's your go-to friend for all things financial.
  2. Understanding Your Statement: Credit card statements can be a bit like deciphering a secret code. But fear not – FintraGPT can break it down for you. It'll help you understand your spending patterns, track your rewards, and keep you in the loop.
  3. Maximizing Rewards Redemption: Those hard-earned reward points deserve a grand exit, right? FintraGPT can suggest the best ways to redeem your points, ensuring you get the maximum value. Whether it's for more Swiggy delights or other exciting options, FintraGPT has your back.
  4. Staying Financially Fit: Financial fitness is as important as physical fitness, and FintraGPT knows it. It can offer personalized tips on managing your credit, paying bills on time, and maintaining a healthy credit score – all essential ingredients for a successful financial recipe.


Wasn’t that a delightful journey through the world of the Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card, guided by the friendly expertise of FintraGPT? Remember, credit cards are like spices; when used wisely, they can enhance your life's flavor. So, explore, indulge, and let FintraGPT be your culinary companion on this exciting financial adventure! Happy swiping and savoring!