Top 28 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to Buy in 2024- Top NFTs Reviewed

Posted by  Fintra , updated 2023-12-06

Top 28 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to Buy in 2024- Top NFTs Reviewed

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have taken over the Internet and transformed the world of digital art along with the price tags for various popular projects that continue to rise. From brands and celebrities to businesses, everyone is competing to onboard the NFT bandwagon. Since there are millions of NFTs going up for sale and many more new ones getting launched daily on various NFTs Marketplaces, it can get confusing to determine which are the best NFT projects to follow and potentially invest in right now. In fact, in 2021, the growth of the NFT market was exponential as more investors were capitalizing on the trend of owning digital arts. Thus, seeing this trend, reveals that there'll be no signs of stopping in 2024, as an abundance of exciting new NFTs is growing in value and proving to be beneficial assets to own. 

Taking a glance at the sales chart, it does reveal that the NFT's frenzy is now well-founded, and some of the unique digital collectables are worth a fortune. Thus, who wouldn't desire a piece of it- The key is to get on them earlier! Every day new NFT projects get spawned into the market, and it can be tough to select the right one which is worth investing in.

In this blog, Fintra will guide you in finding the best NFTs to buy at present!

List of the Top Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to purchase in 2024:

  1. Silks

                        Silks NFTs

Silks claimed to be one of the best NFTs to purchase in 2024. It is the first platform that brings real-world thoroughbred horse racing to the metaverse. Silks top the list of upcoming NFTs projects due to its remarkable vision of introducing the thrill of thoroughbred horse racing ownership to the public by utilizing mixed-reality technology along with Web 3.0 gamification. In other words, each Silks Horse NFT is linked to a real-world thoroughbred racehorse and it can earn rewards for its holders when they win the actual races or breed offspring. This unique P2E gaming mechanics enables you to own these NFTS, earn rewards, trade them and interact with a variety of in-game NFTs, which mirrors the thoroughbred horse racing industry and virtual racehorses who correspond to actual real-world thoroughbreds. 

Furthermore, the in-game NFTs within the Silks metaverse consist of Silks Avatars, Land, Stables, and Silks Horses. The players may yield token rewards as their Silks Horse’s real-world counterpart wins races or breeds an offspring. Additionally, the users can even earn rewards by staking, mining, and making contributions to the Silks ecosystem. Silk’s first NFT offering is its Silks Avatars which will represent every player’s unique identity and they are set for public sale during mid-2022. Hence, grab the opportunity of getting early access to the Silks Genesis Avatar Mint by visiting the Silks website now. 

  1. Moonbirds 

One another interesting NFT to add to your watchlist is Moonbirds. Moonbirds is basically a collection of 10,000 avatars which has membership access and some additional perks for long-term holders. The NFTs which are pixelated have a diverse pool of unique traits. One may lock and ‘nest’ the NFTs from the comfort of its wallet, and once ‘nested’, accumulation of rewards begins, and they can upgrade their nests to new tiers. As the tier gets higher, the drops and rewards get better. 

                        Moonbirds NFTs

Built with utility and community at its heart, each Moonbird NFT acts as the key to the private PROOF Discord that gates the Parliament channels. Here, one gets exclusive access to the Moonbird-related drops, Parliament meetups, IRL events, and PROOF projects, which are underway. This also includes the PROOF metaverse, which is presently called Project Highrise. The profits from Moonbirds sales go towards building the metaverse. 

  1. Azuki 

                       Azuki NFTs

Sworn as the skaters of the Internet who are skating between the blurred lines of physical and digital worlds and beginning to blend, Azuki is being one of the most talked-about NFTs. Building a community-run brand for the metaverse, an Azuki NFT represents its owner's or user's identity. In total there are approximately 10,000 Azuki NFTs and currently, the collection is getting sold at a floor price of 23 ETH.

Moreover, each Azuki NFT provides membership to The Garden, which is a platform bringing culture, art and community under one umbrella. The anime-themed NFTs have new NFT drops, live events, exclusive streetwear collabs, and more will be revealed in the coming stages. By using the blockchain model of ownership and community building, Azuki strives to pave the pathway to a whole new genre of media that the world has still to explore.

Now Azuki is also seen to be pushing the boundaries with its new offerings such as their Bobu, the Bean Farmer. Bobu, the Bean Farmer, fractionalizes artwork and creates a Bobu Token where all owners of the community are enabled to govern the Bobu character within the Azuki universe. In this unique web experiment, the token owners will guide the future of Bobu.

  1. Pirate X Pirate

                        Pirate x Pirate NFTs

Getting popular for its gripping gaming experience that's set in a pirate theme, Pirate X Pirate is becoming one of the best NFTs to invest in. In this NFT-run world, you can go on adventures on the high seas and gain rewards. On this platform, there are various interesting ways to acquire income. To get started first you have to recruit a crew to form your fleet, and then, either you've to harvest resources or put your fighting skills to the test. One can even wage a war against fellow pirates and enemy monsters who are hiding in various spots on the map. Siam Board Games, which is a leading board game publisher based in Thailand, has launched this game and currently, it's under development on the Unity 3D engine. It'll be released for mobile and web devices. Moreover, Pirate X Pirate has a gaming guild where one can rent out its NFTs to gamers. This enables the game to reach more players. 

  1. Meta Triads 

Meta Triads are being fashionista's delight and it has an alluring upcoming NFT mint that features approximately 10,000 digital art pieces with added benefits. It's been observed the collection comprises humans, humanoids and hybrids along with their respective triad categories, whereas the remaining special NFTs will be designated as a 'triador'. As per records, it's claimed there are a total of 2,555 Meta Triads. 

                         Meta Triads NFTs

One of the key unique features of Meta Triad is its token distribution system. Launching with a unique business model, which will yield passive income for NFT owners, users on the Meta Triads marketplace platform will be entitled to receive everyday $TRIA (9 TRIA) in return. TRIA is an ERC20 token, and it serves as the utility token, it is also the main currency of the Meta Triads ecosystem. Moreover, the NFTs will even open access to exclusive, limited fashion drops for the holders, and they can vote in the Meta Triads Tribunal/DAO after the project transitions into a community-run model. 

The Meta Triads NFTs and TRIA tokens utility will be embedded in an aggregator marketplace which will host real-life fashion and apparel brands. Soon in its upcoming phases, Meta Triads will make its way to Decentraland and Sandbox to enhance its value. Since the first Meta Triads coins were released in March 2022, one may purchase these early before missing their deadlines through OpenSea or one can also buy them after their release as they become available for sale in other exchanges.

  1. Guild of Guardians 

                           Guild of Guardians NFTs

Guild of Guardians, an upcoming Mobile role-playing game, claims to have more than 200k players on the waitlist. The play-to-earn game is owned by Immutable, and currently, it's being developed by StepicoGame. The game will feature a rich world of dungeons, magic, orcs, elves, and more where one can be the owner of its loot. The player can even trade their assets with other players in an open-world economy. Unlike the other P2E gaming platform we see today, one doesn't have to pay money to enter the game- it can play for free and earn NFTs and tokens in exchange. Guild of Guardians will be available on Android and iOS devices. transactions will be instant and gas-free because the game is based on Immutable X, which is the first layer-2 for NFTs on Ethereum. 

  1. Rich Cats Nation 

                          Rich Cats Nation NFTs

Rich Cats Nation (RCN), a limited collection of 1,000 digital collectables, has found its home in Web 3.0, and each NFT has a unique combination of traits like headwear, expression, and clothing. By adopting a Rich Cat, one can gain access to membership rights to the Nation. It brings a host of exclusive privileges and rewards that are yet to be unveiled, and if the person owns a male and a female Rich Cat, he or she will get to claim a Rich Kitty. The RCN website lists a game room, where individuals can play Wordle to win exciting rewards in BNB and whitelist spots.

  1. Keys to the Metaverse

                     Keys to the Metaverse NFTs

This collection of 10K generative art NFTs does have various interesting things. For starters, they will be launched on some of the top 10 blockchains, and the team behind them aims to launch 1000 on each of the blockchains such as Ethereum, Solana, BSC, Tron, ICP etc. Called ‘Keys to the Metaverse’, this project bears unique features. Moreover, every machine generated artwork portrays a KEY, which has an animal head on one end, and the other end has a set of unique traits. The project's goal is to make all the 10K unique NFTs cross-chain. The entire collection will also be having an open secure API layer. Thus, any application or game will be able to integrate the NFTs in their project as per their innovation.

  1. Decentraland

Decentraland is well-known to be a virtual world consisting of its own DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which transfers the control to the virtual space users. If seeking to purchase the best NFT within the ‘metaverse’, then it's worth considering Decentraland. In simple words, Decentraland is an open-world blockchain-based play to gain crypto game where users can create in-game avatars and purchase plots of land. The fascinating fact about these plots of land is that they are structured as NFTs, which means they can be traded with other users and monetised. For this reason, Decentraland has become home to numerous most popular NFT games.

                         Decentraland NFTs

The Decentraland is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, and as its native currency, it uses MANA instead of ETH. Due to the rise in popularity of the metaverse concept, the Decentraland’s in-game items have now become quite popular, with the land plots being highly sought after. It enables users to purchase these land parcels via the Decentraland Marketplace or OpenSea. By using the best crypto exchange, investors may purchase MANA and use it to buy in-game items. Besides land parcels, investors can even purchase apparel, art, weapons, and more. Eventually, as Decentraland’s world develops and achieves popular appeal, these NFTs can rise in value, making some of them one of the best NFTs to purchase in 2024.

  1. Axie Infinity 

Desiring to invest in gaming on the Ethereum Blockchain, then look beyond the Axie Infinity. This is a virtual world that enables its users to own and breed "Axies", which are in-world creatures with unique characteristics and an interactive breeding system. Thus, it's easy even if one's crypto knowledge isn't strong. The famous blockchain game, Axie Infinity, is already being played by millions globally, and numerous people play it as a full-time job to earn a living. By playing this game one can earn three types of items: First, it's the game's governance tokens known as AXS. The firm recently has even launched a feature to stake these tokens. The second item one can earn is the Smooth Love Potion (SLP) which users can purchase inside the game to feed the little monsters. Since SLP is a tradeable cryptocurrency, users can monetise their in-game exploits. The third item is the NFT collectable, for example, the Axies. These NFTs are traded actively on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea. 

                         Axie Infinity NFTs

Experts say these can be one of the best NFTs to buy and invest in 2024 because they have a purpose behind it- they can be used to play and earn. Furthermore, in future, the firm can innovate on top of these NFTs which will increase the price in the coming days. Same as how the Krypto Kitties were hot in 2017, the Axie infinity collectables are certainly going to stay for long. More than just being a piece of art, due to their dynamic nature, these NFTs stand out from the rest. Like Decentraland, Axie Infinity structures Axies and the in-game plots of land as NFTs. For example, users can trade Axies and land on the Axie Infinity Marketplace where some items may attract an extremely high price point. Moreover, users can even breed Axies to obtain further NFTs that can be monetised. Ultimately, this approach has made Axie Infinity the top-rated blockchain game which has AXS, the platform’s native token, which is used to speculate on the virtual world’s expansion. 

  1. Enjin

                            Enjin NFTs

Although this is not exactly an NFT, it does aim to provide a cross-chain blockchain platform for developers to create and deploy their E2P games. The platform even makes it easy for the developers to transform their in-game assets into NFTs. The Enjin coin backs NFT’s so that they can be traded and sold in the real world and/or on any exchange. Whenever an NFT is minted here, it gets infused with a certain amount of Enjin tokens that then get burnt from circulation. One very interesting feature is the ‘melting’ functionality, wherein the NFT owners at any given time can destroy their assets and retrieve Enjin coins of equal value. The Enjin token can be one of the best NFTs to purchase because it emanates its value from all the NFTs it backs within its platform. Thus, investing in this token can be beneficial as it equates to collectively investing in all other Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that are created in the entire ecosystem.

  1. Rogue Sharks

                          Rogue Sharks NFTs

Rogue Sharks is a collection of 5000 random generative art 3D NFTs, and the team that backs it has been on fire even before its launch. Rogue Sharks has built a vibrant community around the concept, and the entire collection gets minted on the Solana blockchain. With this momentum, Rogue Sharks has become like the next BAYC collection on the Solana blockchain. The NFT's owners will also obtain exclusive access to the ‘Rogue Sharks’ club, and be able to participate in the ‘Treasure Chest’ lotteries.

  1. The Shiboshis

                        The Shiboshis NFTs

Those who are into Crypto already might have heard about the Shiba Inu token. This token has taken the world by storm and made many individuals millionaires in a very quick time frame. It's believed this token has already become the eleventh most popular crypto, and this exceptional growth is due to the strong community that is behind it. The NFT collection that was launched on Opensea was sold out extremely quickly, and it already has nearly 3600+ owners. Having such a strong community backing makes these NFTs look promising and their value can shoot up quickly. 

  1. Girlies NFT

                         Girlies NFT

Girlies NFT are currently being the talk of the town, and the biggest factor supporting this collection is the incredible Art. Girlies is a collection of 10,000 hand-drawn illustrations, where each one is extremely unique, having excellent attention to detail. As per the facts, the art has been drawn by a 14-year-old girl, and if this collection tends to become a hit, it has the potential to become the next ‘World of Woman’.

  1. Moshi Mochi

                          Moshi Mochi NFT

Most of us do have the craze for admiring cute cat-like images on the Internet, thus, Moshi Mochi is that one cute art collection you'll love to possess. The artworks involved in this NFT collection are steady and overloaded with cuteness. This NFT project bears approximately 8000 squishy Japanese style cat art, and the team behind the collection has a great roadmap for the project. They talk about a Mochiverse that NFT holders will enjoy accessing, and if such a Metaverse is created, the project will be having a huge scope. It has been observed that the daily transaction and activities appear to be very strong. Moreover, as part of the roadmap, the Moshi Mochi platform aims to establish more partnerships, and launch Mochi merchandise along with providing their community with various perks as stated in the DAO. 

  1. Doodles

Basically, Doodles are the collection of 10,000 NFTs consisting of exciting visual traits that have been designed by Burnt Toast. The hand-drawn Doodles include cats, skellys, aliens, apes, and mascots, and it also contains dozens of rare costumes, heads, and colourways of the artist’s palette. It feels unique to own a Doodle because it permits you to vote on the community-driven features and future events and products. The entire roadmap for Doodles consists of a combined experience between the collectors and the project architects/designer. It even has a community bank known as “Doodlebank”, and this bank is its treasury which is governed by the community and it's used to fund new experiences. 

                         Doodles NFTs

In the NFT space after launching the Space Doodles project, Doodles have witnessed the most unique progression. The Space Doodles act as personal spaceships for an individual's Doodle. Each Space Doodle gets generated from over 200 audio-visual traits and is accompanied by stats which reflect the competency of the individual's Doodle in its spaceship. The Space Doodles, along with their stats, get used in future Doodles experiences, which delivers surprise and delight to the NFT ecosystem.

  1. Treeverse

              Treeverse NFT

The living world of Treeverse only awaits those who are daring enough to conquer it because it is not just an open-world, fantasy and sci-fi based MMORPG, it also has an action-packed MOBA-style warfare system. One can slay beasts, lure the biggest fish, forge mighty weapons, build guilds, defeat dungeons, and explore the deep myths. Treeverse is consistently trending in the top 100 NFT purchases on OpenSea because it has gained immense attention on social media. Treeverse has still to develop a website but is already deep into development with EndlessCloudsHQ, which provides monthly updates on the game.

  1. Nouns

                        Nouns NFTs

Nouns project endeavours to bootstrap community, identity, governance, and a treasury, which the community can use to build up long-term value and project expansion. Nouns plan to be minting one Noun (NFT character) every day, permanently, and the unique aspect of this project is the formation of their own DAO treasury (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The DAO treasury collects nearly 100% of the funds from the NFT sales. The treasury is governed and controlled by the Noun holders who can decide its future use, project direction, and more.

  1. eBay

We all know about eBay, the global online marketplace enabling users to buy and sell goods from the comfort of their homes. Founded in 1995, later in just three years, it became a publicly-traded company. eBay generally trades on the NASDAQ exchange, and though it specializes in online marketplace service, the firm has now ventured into the NFT space. The good news is that this platform now allows only trusted sellers to list their NFTs for sale, which can be conducted through a fixed price or a conventional auction listing. 

                      eBay NFTs

Crucially, eBay strives to evolve as a go-to place for beginners who desire to purchase NFTs. Do note that in comparison to other leading NFT marketplaces that only accept cryptocurrency payments, the eBay platform supports traditional payment methods. eBay provides a wide variety of listings, such as music NFTs, crypto art, and trading cards. When it comes to revenue, eBay charges NFT sellers a flat commission of about 5% of the total sale amount. Ultimately this enables eBay to build a strong foothold in the NFT space without taking on any of the perceived risks. However, eBay is known still to be overall one of the best NFT stocks to purchase right now. 

  1. Cloudflare 

If you are searching for the best NFTs to invest in especially in those companies with huge upside momentum, then Cloudflare will be worth a second look. In simple words, Cloudflare is a famous tech stock which is involved in providing content securely via the cloud. It is known to be the home to one of the largest networks in this industry and offers lightning-fast execution speeds. In attempts to ensure the firm continues to innovate, Cloudflare has now gained the capabilities to support NFTs. In its current form, the Cloudflare platform does not allow the creation of NFTs directly, one still needs to use a third party for doing it such as OpenSea. After obtaining the unique token ID for the NFT that's been minted, the person can securely upload it to its Cloudflare account. Cloudflare is tagged to be one of the best-performing stocks in the NFT space and in the broader markets. 

  1. Mattel 

                           Mattel NFT

Established as a toy manufacturing company, first founded in 1945, Mattel was first listed on the NASDAQ in 1960. This makes it one of the oldest NFT stocks. However, in recent years, Mattel stocks have plateaued, and the share price of Mattel has barely moved since early 2017. With that said, Mattel is now seeking to rejuvenate its business model by entering the NFT space. Since June 2021, it has been auctioning off NFTs linked to its popular toy brands. Initially, Mattel created Hot Wheels NFTs, which gained a reasonable success, and now customers can buy Barbie NFTs directly from the Mattel Creations website. 

  1. Twitter 

                           Twitter NFTs

Twitter is known to be the social media platform that's giving NFTs global exposure. Do note this social media giant does not offer an NFT marketplace, and the platform also does not allow anyone to create or store NFTs. However, Twitter has been indirectly used to promote some of the most successful NFT collections. One prime example of this would be the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT series which consists of 10,000 unique tokens now owned by a full range of A-list celebrities. To name some it'll be Eminem, Mark Cuban, Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber, Jimmy Fallon, and Steve Aoki. Many of the mentioned celebrities have decided to change their Twitter profile picture to the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, which they have purchased. Therefore, this brought global exposure to the collection, and in turn, many Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs have got sold in the open marketplace.

  1. Heineken

                         Heineken NFTs

Heineken is one of the leading alcohol producers, and now it is offering beer NFTs. It was only a matter of time before we would see the leading beer firms entering the NFT space, and at the forefront of this is Heineken, which has already dropped its first beer NFT collection. Known as Heineken Silver, this NFT is now available to ‘try’ in the Decentraland platform. With no clear purpose other than revealing that the firm has a satirical take on the NFT revolution, the Heineken Silver launch has generated some much-needed publicity. 

  1. McDonald’s 

                        McDonald's NFTs

The global fast-food giant, McDonald’s, aims to play a major role in the future of NFTs and the metaverse. Although it might be surprising to see McDonald’s on the list of the best NFTs to purchase now, the fast-food giant has made its intentions to enter this space of NFTs. In fact, McDonald’s has already launched its first NFT; to honour the 40th anniversary of its popular McRib burger, in late 2021, to mark the occasion via Twitter, McDonald’s began to drop NFTs.

This NFT collection is built on the Ethereum blockchain and the firm expects aims to create new tokens every year. Along with its NFT series, it is also believed McDonald’s is seeking to expand its vast restaurant chain into the metaverse.Moreover, Mcdonald’s strives to offer a unique virtual restaurant that will feature actual and virtual goods, and it will allegedly be in coexistence with a home delivery service as well. Though it is yet to be seen how far the management at Mcdonald’s decides to take its metaverse venture.

  1. Nike

                        Nike NFT

Nike has recently revealed its desire to enter the NFT and metaverse industries via its purchase of RTFKT Studios, which is a leading designer of show NFTs, all of which can be bought, worn, and sold in the metaverse. Already RTFKT Studios has obtained great success with its virtual sneaker collections and with Nike acquiring RTFKT Studios in its entirety, very soon the firm is predicted to begin marketing its digital NFT series. 

26. Cryptopunks   

                         Cryptopunks NFTs

While researching how can you buy an NFT, you may have seen CryptoPunks appearing on the list already because this collection originally was launched in 2017. Although CryptoPunks wasn't initially highly coveted, their price later rocketed in 2021 as the broader NFT market expanded. The CryptoPunks NFT collection includes 10,000 pixel images that are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Moreover, each ‘Punk’ has its own aesthetic and characteristics, with zombies and aliens being the most valuable. Do bear in mind that most of CryptoPunks’ value gets derived from the length of time these NFTs have been around and not by their visual appeal. CryptoPunks have been very popular with celebrities, for example, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki, Logan Paul, and a few others do own a unique Punk. 


                        Autograph NFT strives to provide the best NFT for sports fans, as legendary NFL superstar Tom Brady has co-founded the marketplace. In other words, defines itself as an NFT Agency, which strives to offer a way for sportspeople, celebrities, and other high-profile names to launch their own collections. Some other significant names that can be taken concerning the platform’s funding are The Weeknd and Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior Vice President. Basically, Autograph aims to be the ‘go-to’ for celebrities who are looking to create NFTs, with prominent names such as Tony Hawk, Tiger Woods, and Usain Bolt; they are already partnering with the marketplace. Autograph is now partnered with DraftKings, and it uses its platform to sell NFTs to investors. Most of the Autograph NFTs are hosted on Polygon, which acts as a scaling solution to Ethereum; according to reports, Autograph has already sold over 100,000 NFTs.

  1. Coinbase 

                           Coinbase NFT

Known to be one of the biggest crypto exchanges globally, Coinbase strives to play a leading role in the NFT space. In its recent announcement in late 2021, Coinbase did announce it is still working on its NFT venture. As per reports, it's believed the platform is creating an NFT marketplace where users can buy, sell, and trade NFTs from a variety of niche angles. Along with its marketplace, Coinbase is planning to allow its users to create NFTs directly from its platform in the simplest way possible. This ensures all the artists can create and market NFTs via a single hub. 


Although we have listed above numerous NFTs you can invest in or purchase, before diving into the specifics of the best NFTs, we urge you to take a moment to understand on what basis Fintra has selected the above mentioned NFTs: