SwipeUp Credit Card Upgrade Platform by AU Small Finance Bank

Posted by  Fintra , updated 2024-05-12

SwipeUp Credit Card Upgrade Platform by AU Small Finance Bank

AU Small Finance Bank is India's Largest Small Finance Bank, and recently it has launched a revolutionary approach called the 'Credit Card SwipeUp Platform'. Through this platform, the bank allows other bank Credit Card holders to avail better/upgraded Credit Cards. This platform enables cardholders to gain benefits like better reward points, higher cashback, increased credit limit, zero maintenance fees, and other benefits. Hence, if you're using a credit card that has limited or no extra benefits, then it's time to apply for AU Credit Card SwipeUp Platform rather than searching for a new one outright.  

In this blog, Fintra will highlight a few vital reasons for upgrading your credit card before describing the Credit Card SwipeUp Platform in detail.

Reasons for upgrading a Credit Card 

  1. You are owning a basic credit card that doesn't match lifestyle benefits: This is a major indication that your credit card requires an upgrade. If you are using the card for your spending, then you can choose to upgrade your card, which provides better lifestyle benefits.
  2. Looking for enhanced Credit Limit:One vital reason for a Credit Card upgrade would be increasing the Credit Limit. With an enhanced credit limit, you get the flexibility to spend in a hassle-free manner. 
  3. Have a good Credit Score:Those who have a good credit score are eligible for a better Credit Card.
  4. You're not accumulating rewards or cashback:Leading Scheduled Commercial Banks like AU Small Finance Bank offer a spectrum of Credit Cards with various benefits that include accelerated reward points, cashback, and more. Hence, if your basic Credit Card isn't offering such benefits, it's worth upgrading the Credit Card with AU Bank via their Credit Card SwipeUp Platform.

Now that we know the reasons for upgrading the card, we will now look at how can one initiate the process through the Credit Card SwipeUp Platform.

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How does the SwipeUp Platform work?

Over the years, everyone's lifestyle has upgraded. Then why should we still be using a credit card that provides the same old benefits?

Hence, embrace yourself as AU Bank introduces SwipeUp! This is an innovative platform offering an upgraded credit card to your existing credit card from other banks. Cardholders will obtain Higher Reward Points, Exciting and Exclusive Cashbacks, Increased Credit Limits, and various other benefits with all-new Xcite series of Credit Cards that Zero Joining / Annual Fees.

 To upgrade your biodegradable Card with value-added features, simply follow the 3 simple and easy steps:

Step 1: The cardholder has to first enter the first 6 digits of the existing Credit Card

Step 2: Then, input the name of the Credit Card

Step 3: Finally, enter the Credit Card limit to check whether you're eligible for an upgraded Credit Card

As soon as the user enters these details, AU Small Finance Bank will suggest an upgraded AU Credit Card which will have better reward points, higher cashback, higher credit limit, zero membership fees and other features to match the customer’s lifestyle needs.


In conclusion, as described above, the SwipeUp Platform is a new innovative and unique offering of AU Small Finance Bank, which offers upgraded credit cards to other Bank Credit Cardholders. Through this platform, everyone will obtain an assured upgraded AU Credit Card against other banks' existing credit cards matching their current upgraded lifestyle. 

Now it's time to take a step towards the privileges and benefits you deserve today! The SwipeUp Platform promises to offer an assured Credit Card upgrade.

Upgrade Your Credit Card Now!

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