India’s premiere high-interest savings account- RBL Bank’s Advantage Savings Account

Posted by  Fintra , updated 2021-10-19

India’s premiere high-interest savings account- RBL Bank’s Advantage Savings Account

May whatever the financial goals are it’s always a wise decision to open a savings account. Sometimes it's not required for you to have a pile of money to open an account, and in some cases, the financial institutions also allow opening an account without depositing anything. One such bank is RBL Bank and its RBL Bank Advantage Savings Account. In this blog, we will also highlight why opening an RBL Digital Savings Account will be the right move for your finances.

The topics we’ll cover are:

  1. Features of RBL Bank's Advantage Saving Account
  2. Benefits of RBL Bank's Advantage Saving Account
  3. Eligibility for RBL Bank's Advantage Saving Account
  4. How to apply for RBL Bank's Advantage Saving Account?

Seeking to open a savings account? Don't settle for a basic account because you can obtain added benefits with an Advantage Savings Account provided by RBL Bank. The Advantage Savings Bank Account provides the highest interest rate anyone could get. It is one of the premiere high-interest savings accounts in India. Along with the highest interest rate facility, one also gets the privilege to pick its account number and enjoy access to platinum concierge services. Following are some insights into the features and benefits of Advantage Savings Bank Account.

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Features of RBL Bank's Advantage Saving Account

Following are some of the features one can enjoy with RBL Bank Advantage Savings Bank Account:

  1. Select your account number:

With Advantage Savings Bank Account, you can choose your account number.

  1. Get high interest rates:

One of the best features of this savings account is the higher interest rates on your Savings Account.

  1. Platinum Card:

When opening this Highest Interest Rate Savings Account, you receive a Platinum Master Card Debit Card, which has enhanced limits. This card provides access to platinum concierge services - Powered by Master Card.

  1. Free transaction limits:

Besides receiving free transaction limits, there's a unified charge structure, too. Moreover, this account also provides free access to all ATMs in India. Apart from the free payable at par cheque book and demand drafts, NEFT and RTGS services are offered free, too, with this account. One also gets free outstation cheque collections along with free cash transactions at the branches.

  1. Withdrawal limits:

The daily cash withdrawal limit is Rs. 1 Lakh, and you can also shop worth Rs. 2 Lakh daily.

  1. Online Banking:

This account provides all banking transactions at your fingertips, and with the facility of mobile and online banking, one can make all its banking transactions in minutes and on the go.

Benefits of RBL Bank's Advantage Saving Account

Following are some of the benefits of the Advantage Saving Account which will make the banking experience even greater:

  1. Special privileges:

Enjoy the benefits of relationship pricing, in which you can get up to 15% off on Safe Deposit Lockers. Do note that the discount is only applicable to one locker, and the first account holder should be the locker holder. Additionally, you have to issue the standing instruction using the Advantage Savings Account. You can also avail additional 25% discount on the processing fee for Loan Against Property, and unlock various appealing offers and discounts on the usage of your Debit Card.

  1. Insurance benefits:

With the Advantage Savings Bank Account, the Platinum Debit Card comes linked to insurance benefits, too:



Platinum Debit Card

Lost card Liability/Counterfeit

Rs. 1,00,000

Cash in Transit 

Rs. 1,00,000

Purchase Protection

Rs. 25,000

Personal Accident – Air

Rs. 10,00,000

Personal Accident – Death

Rs. 5,00,000


Eligibility for RBL Bank's Advantage Saving Account

You need to fulfil the eligibility criteria to open the Advantage Savings Bank Account. The eligibility for this account is the same as the criteria for a regular savings account. However, one has to maintain a minimum monthly balance in its account. 

How to apply for RBL Bank's Advantage Saving Account?

With just a few simple steps, anyone can now apply for an RBL Bank Advantage Savings Bank Account online. You can also visit RBL Bank’s nearest branch to get started. 


In general, while using only a checking account, the financial platter is missing a critical element, which is a savings account. With a savings account, an individual can separate their funds from their normal spending for various genuine reasons. For example, one might want to save for the down payments for its first home, dream vacation, marriage, or build an emergency fund to assist during any financial hiccups that life throws your way. Hence, without any clear designation of a savings account, it becomes extremely easy for your funds in checking account to become an all-purpose slush fund where you may spend more than intended. Hence, if funds were stored in a savings account, one would think twice about delaying other financial plans for any impulse buys, such as a nice dinner, a short trip, or outfit.

Experts advise that it is a wise step to open a savings account as soon as possible because when you begin earlier, it gives more time to increase savings before you require it. So what's the wait?! Get on to your gadget or visit the nearest branch to open RBL Bank's Advantage Savings Account!

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